Why You Should Get Stacking Chair Rentals for Your Next Party – J Search

The book provides smart tips on the kind of chair for rental should you have.

There are three types of chairs that you need to think about for your event: the white padded chairs that is ideal for parties as well as the white chairs for events, and the tan chair. The white chair with padded seating costs $36 and the tan or white chairs are $12-13. If you are purchasing these chairs, you should purchase by purchasing in bulk, as it can help save costs and lowers the overall cost per chair.

There is a way to store the chairs in white or tan by stacking them in 50-piece stacks. They are perfect for rentals since they can easily be moved across the room, which reduces unnecessary energy costs because they are able to roll into and out easily. These chairs are easy to keep in color-coded storage bags and are protected from the elements. To secure the chair stacks they can be rented as the chairs for stacking that utilize the ratchets and dollies.