Rochester’s Most Famous Dish!

Rochester ny garbage plate

The city of Rochester, NY is known for many different things. The most obvious is Eastman Kodak, because of its paramount influence on the film industry; but Rochester is also renowned for its high quality health care, higher education, and its support of the arts. However, when it comes to cuisine, the Rochester Garbage Plate is its claim to fame.

The Garbage Plate Rochester NY natives speak of with such fervency consists of several different options. Patrons who order garbage plates can select a combination of two of the following choices: white hots, red hots, hamburgers, chicken, fish, egg, or grilled cheese. They can also select two sides consisting of macaroni salad, French fries, home fries, or baked beans. Of course, this is all topped off with the infamous hot sauce, and the option of onio Continue reading Rochester’s Most Famous Dish!