How Do LEDs Compare to Fluorescents? –

They’re all over the place, and are more affordable than ever. There are so many kinds of bulbs to choose from, picking the perfect one can be challenging. This video will compare the fluorescent and LED bulbs to show what benefits each bulb has.

Fluorescents have been the dominant lighting industry for many years. However, most electrician lighting businesses are moving to LED’s for their lighting requirements. Transitioning from fluorescents to LEDs is inevitable, however many don’t realize how much superior LEDs are. LEDs are durable, efficient, cost-effective, and durable.

They require less electricity than traditional lighting and provide whiter light that is more superior performance without mercury, unlike the compact fluorescent lamp. In addition, the long time span that LEDs last makes the LEDs much more affordable than fluorescent lamps in the end.

Experts believe that LEDs far outperform fluorescents with regard to their durability, power consumption, energy output, and endurance. But their installation may be lengthy and costly. If you’re looking to switch take a look at these pros and cons before investing in LED.