What to Know About Repairing Your Foundation – Home Improvement Videos


While one crack may not be a big problem, allowing a damaged foundation to sit and continue to crack may cause lots of trouble later on.

Cracks in foundations should be treated from both the inside and outside. For filling in cracks, first, you should use an expandable foam filler. Expanding foam filler should never be applied outside of the crack. It is then necessary to chip away around the crack in order to create room for fresh mortar. The mortar is then mixed , added, and left to dry.

To avoid any further damage, you can by sealing cracks as soon as they occur and making sure that the repairs to your foundation are properly done. This can ensure that the foundation of your home is sturdy and secure as well in ensuring cracks don’t grow any more. Cracks that are filled will ensure that the foundation for your house secure and strong and ensure that there isn’t likely to be further concerns in the future.