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If the desk you are using is either too excessively low or tall, you can adjust the height to suit.

Ergonomic desks If there is the computer at the desk, it needs to be set to ensure that the screen is before you at a distance of about an arm’s length from. If you work from your home office or have laptops at hand, adjustable desks can be the best option.

The most ergonomic devices throughout the day, take regular breaks between sitting and stretching or walk around. Many offices now have

The Reading Corner could be an added feature

An area for reading in the office can be another option in our list of design ideas for office spaces. It is a great way to get employees off their screens to read the latest book. Reading has been shown to boost concentration as well as increase the intellect.

Learning new things such as learning how to cycle or how to play the piano, is intimidating if you don’t have the incentive. Installing a reading space in your office can offer employees a comfortable space where they are able to take a break of their workday to read, relax and unwind. It’s a great complement with the other office space improvements.

Additionally, it helps create a more welcoming office space. Incentivizing employees to be away from their screens helps alleviate eyestrain and encourages everyone to take a breather.

There’s no need to create a space for reading that is cluttered. All you have to do is to create a place in your office where you can sit comfortably and enjoy freshly cut flowers. Also, you might want to think about setting up a blog that you share intriguing news articles or articles to let people share what they’ve enjoyed reading as well as get motivated by the interests of others.

You must ensure that you are using proper lighting

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