The Garbage Plate, a Taste of the Real Rochester

Garbage plate

Have you ever heard of the famous Rochester NY garbage plate? If not, you haven’t ever really experienced Rochester. Nick Tahou’s Rochester garbage plate is one of the main highlights of Rochester New York. Legend has it that it was invented from leftovers during the Great Depression and that garbage plates were given as a sort of blue plate special to the hoodlums passing from town to town.

Somehow, it was discovered that hamburger meat, or sometimes pork, and fried potato clippings could be quite popular. People were willing to pay money for it even. For a garbage plate rochester ny is the best place to be. It is not a recipe like Buffalo wings for Philly cheese steak sandwiches which have picked up elsewhere. Nonetheless, there is no food that says Rochester the way that the Rochester NY garbage plate does.

Since Nick Tahou started turning out garbage plates, the recipe has grown more popular. Rochester has seen another Nick Tahou’s restaurant open up on the other side of town to serve those who cannot make it to central Rochester. The garbage plate is growing with Rochester and serves as a great introduction to the city for traveling politicians or travel writers who want to be introduced to the real Rochester.

This is not to say that once someone has tasted the garbage plate he or she has tasted all that there is to taste about Rochester NY. The Rochester NY garbage plate is only one touch of Rochester life which people should consider embracing. But the Rochester NY garbage plate is a large part of what it means to be a Rochesterian. There are other local restaurants, like the Dinosaur Grill or Sticky Lips which have a formidable Rochester presence, but only Nick Tahou’s food is unique to Rochester itself. Where Nick Tahou’s Rochester NY garbage plate is, there Rochester will be.