Delicious Rochester garbage plates

Garbage plate rochester

Western New Yorkers will tell you; you have not lived until, after a long night of reverie with friends, you enjoy a delicious Rochester garbage plate. The Rochester garbage plate, made famous by Nick Tahoes of Rochester, is a party animal’s best friend. When you are looking for something that will both satisfy your hunger, tantalize your taste buds, and help you begin to wind down after a night of partying with a healthy dose of “food coma”, a garbage plate rochester ny restaurants have available is the perfect choice for you.

Rochester NY garbage plates come in many different varieties. In fact, it seems like every late night restaurant in the area has their own take on the Rochester garbage plate; most offer quite a few takes on it, actually. Rochester garbage plates are comprised of a meat (or “meat substitute” such as veggie burgers or soy hot dogs, for the vegetarians), carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, or macaroni salad (or any kind of combination thereof), and some sort of juicy, sloppy, savory sauce, such as meat sauce or gravy. The definition of a Rochester garbage plate is very loose, and very open to an individual’s customization. However, if it’s a big, sloppy, delicious mash up of at least 4 or 5 different dishes, and you are eating it in the greater Rochester area after a night of fun and partying with friends, chances are quite good that it is a Rochester garbage plate that you are enjoying.

If you do not enjoy a Rochester garbage plate after your first sampling of this dish that is both undefinable and unmistakeable, do not rule it out for future dining experiences. After all, Rochester garbage plates can be crafted to very specific tastes, due to their extreme customizability. Some restaurants make better garbage plates than others, so, keep sampling them, and rest assured; once you find the right garbage plate for you, you will be a fan for life.