Garbage Plate Grandeur in Rochester NY

Rochester ny garbage plate

The garbage plate is a delightful combination of food created in Rochester. The delicate and delicious balance of meat,sides and sauces can bring an incomparable joy to the eater. What unifies residents of Rochester is their beloved appreciation for garbage plates, while we are all separated by our very specific variations.

In 1918 the world welcomed the first garbage plate Rochester NY. In almost a century since, the garbage plate has become increasingly popular. Often imitated and given a variety of names, there is only one true garbage plate Rochester NY.

To create the perfect garbage plate rochester NY residents will disagree on the proper recipe. Quite the customized commodity, you can create a true “Rochester NY garbage plate” by first selecting your meat. While cheeseburgers and hot dogs reign supreme, other items can include chicken, sausage, and even egg or grilled cheese as a vegetarian option.

The next step is to pick your sides. The Rochester garbage plate traditionally has 2 to 3 sides including macaroni salad, french fries, home fries or baked beans.

Sounds like an ordinary dish, right? Well here is where the garbage plate becomes iconic, as the previous food choices you have made get mixed together to create a delicious combination of food. In the same forkful (if you do it right) you will have macaroni salad with beans with burger, blended together before it even reaches your mouth.

In true Rochester garbage plate style, the last step is to add your toppings. Popular ones include a spicy meat sauce, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard or hot sauce. This is the glue that connects all your food together, taking it to the next level of eating experiences.

Combine it all, and prepare to experience the explosion of flavors and textures provided by a garbage plate Rochester NY has to offer. But do not forget the bread and butter, two fresh slices which allow you to make your garbage plate into a sandwich, or merely wipe up that extra sauce at the end. It is remarkably delicious.

On the quest to create the best garbage plate Rochester NY residents will try many, of all combinations, to ultimately pick their favorite combination. The made to order specialization of this delicacy makes it an instant favorite to any Rochestarian. You really have not lived until you experience a garbage plate Rochester NY.