Are You Looking for Unique Meals in Rochester?

Rochester garbage plate

If you are looking for a unique restaurant that serves bizarre but delicious meals, you might want to consider the Nick Tahou Hots restaurant. Originally, name of this restaurant was “Hots and Potatoes.” Hots and Potatoes first came on the scene back in 1918 and has been serving unique and bizarre meals every since. It was common for people to order meals known as “garbage plates,” which consisted of fried potatoes, baked beans and hot dogs covered in chili meat sauce. Today, you can easily finding information about the infamous Rochester garbage plate online if you want to find out what type of meals are common.

Rochester has a large community of college students that spend time at restaurants and bars in the area. Students would refer to the huge plate of food as the “Garbage Plate.” Today, the name Rochester garbage plate is popular, and people still use this nickname for the type of meals that restaurants are offering. Other restaurants have caught on to this trend and offer different versions of the garbage plate rochester ny. You might hear people using the phrases “trash plates” or “dumpster plates” while ordering food at restaurants in Rochester New York. Do not let the name of a dish fool you. The Rochester garbage plate is full of mouth watering foods.

If you would like to see what the Rochester garbage plate meal is all about, you can watch videos online that show the step by step process involved with creating this unique dish. Garbage plates consist of home fries, baked beans, mac and cheese, eggs, fish, or whatever type of foods you decide to eat. In fact, many restaurants give their customers the option to build their own garbage plate. Whether you are visiting Rochester, or you are currently living in this area, you should try the Rochester garbage plate.