Why You Should Have Your Rug Cleaned – Health Advice Now

solid color flooring. There are many good benefits to having carpet. However, it is possible that a rug will actually harm your well-being. Discover why this is the case by watching this short video.

Rugs excel at absorption of the water, similar to sponges. But, it also makes them very susceptible to developing mold. It thrives in humid, moist environments. However, most indoor rugs don’t get wet. The issues normally arise when a flood or leak happens. The dirty water seeps in the rug, which retains the moisture. The water could cause the growth of mold if this isn’t immediately removed. Cleaning services should be sought promptly after a flood. The effects of mold can be extremely harmful for your health. There are allergic reactions that mold causes, which are usually without treatment. The presence of mold can lead to respiratory issues when it’s not dealt with. It is particularly problematic for people with underlining conditions such as asthma. However, even those who don’t have asthma can experience a cough and sneezing. Additionally, they often have an intense musty scent.