What to Know Before Buying a Log Splitter – Boston Equator

huge pieces of wood to smaller pieces for firewood or construction projects. There are a few things you need to consider while purchasing a wood splitter. If it’s intended for commercial use or for you as a homeowner, discover a few key considerations before purchasing a log splitter.

Make sure you do your homework in selecting the right brand. Verify the quality of the frame, hydraulic tank, valve system, capacitor and even the hydraulic jack itself. Also, be familiar with the fuel cell usage for your device. Various parts may need to be replaced at any point in the life of your log splitter. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the different components that the machine has. The choice between a capacitor or a battery, or knowing the horsepower required to run a hydraulic pump are important pieces of information you should be aware of. A quick search online to find testimonials of the models that you are interested in can help by gaining a better understanding of log splitters.

There is more detail on log splitting and purchase points in our video above.