What is Energy Conservation vs Energy Efficiency – Home Town Colorado

This could also include businesses that produce certain products. IGS Energy breaks down two terms used to describe the consumption of energy including energy efficiency as well as energy conservation.

Conservation of energy is the very first element they refer to. Energy conservation is simply a way of saying that people are reducing their energy use. This could be as simple as riding the bike to work some days and driving next day, using fewer showers, or making sure your lights are switched off when they are not being used.

The efficiency of energy use is comparable, however it is not based on habits. The goal is to reduce the energy required. You can swap out bulb bulbs with incandescent lights for LED ones. They have exactly the same functionality, however, they require less power than the other.

Utilizing both energy conservation and efficiency is an excellent approach to reduce your carbon footprint. In this case, for example, you may opt for an LED lightbulb in your lamp , but make sure it is only switched on when in use. o75l7bwdab.