What is a Garbage Plate?

Rochester garbage plate

For those who are new to Rochester NY garbage plate talk may not pique their curiosity, at least initially. After a while, you grown increasingly puzzled by all the talk about garbage plates. What is probably most perplexing about the garbage plate Rochesterians seem to speak of so fondly, is the fact that they speak of them so fondly. Obviously, this pdd sounding dish certainly is nothing worthy of the praise that people seem to be heaping upon such a vile sounding heap. What can it possibly be about these trash plates that warrants such praise from Rochesterians? After wracking your brain, you come to the conclusion that these rubbish plates must be something that the community is doing for the homeless and poor across the city. While the name is certainly not appetizing, the fact that kitchens across Rochester are giving away their left over food to the homeless and needy is certainly kind.

As you go about living in Rochester, you resist asking about Rochester garbage plates in fear of looking like a fool, because everyone else obviously knows what a garbage plate is. So, you decide to go on, living in partial ignorance, because you are pretty sure that refuse plates are leftovers for the homeless. However, one night after having a few with your new friends, you stop by the restaurant of the famous Mr. Tahoe. When you receive the menu you are flabbergasted to see garbage plates offered, and even more taken aback when each of your friends enthusiastically orders a so called Plate for themselves. Obviously, these garbage plates are such the rage that people entirely drop the garbage from the plate. For all you would have known this Plate could have been a plate of macaroni and cheese, or a plate of green eggs and ham. But a Plate means garbage plate to Rochesterians.

When your waiter returns with the Plates, you finally discover how the garbage plate was named. It is a huge pile of food that appears to be leftovers that were bound for the trash, but some clever soul decided that it would be a shame to waste so much meat, macaroni, and beans. After the hot sauce is added, you decide that they sound pretty good after all. Thus, you decide that the next time you eat out in Rochester, you are going to request a garbage plate rochester NY.