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The quad tendon and the patella tendon join to the knee cap. They tighten the kneecap which places a lot pressure on joints. You are able to perform the exercises yourself, but if that freaks you out and you don’t want to do it, let another person do it. For the knee cap exercise You will need to place your hands on both sides of the kneecap, and then push it to one side or the other to relieve pressure. Then, you can move it from side to side. It is able to be moved around from top to down or side-to-side. Move it on a regular basis until it becomes uncomfortable. Once it starts to hurt cease doing it. Next thing to look into is quad sets. The best spot to begin if you are having knee pains that are severe. The quad muscles are vital. A foam roller is an ideal tool for dealing with pain and injury. The workout can be performed with your knee straight. The knee should be in a straight position. If you’re looking to learn more about this follow this tutorial for further information. u811tkga8f.