Tips For Installing Commercial Windows – UNM Continuing Education

Experiential in this industry. It is possible that your company will be looking for commercial-grade sliding windows to upgrade or replacement of the windows you are using. A level, hammer and tape measure are the most important tools. The contractor might also require additional tools. Screws, masonry, plugs and sealant applicators may be needed, so you are able to start your work by checking the measurement of the opening of your window. Be sure there’s enough space both above and beneath the window to allow other devices to be installed in the window. As per the regulations of the federal government the waterproofing material should be placed on all sides of the window opening. It is crucial that the sealant you use to waterproof the window is compatible with that substance. Check this prior to beginning work. The window sub seal must be put in place and a mark is made to indicate where the screws will be driven into. An experienced commercial window installer can most likely help you with any advice you need. migng4dlyj.