The Popularity of Grain Free Dog Food Over Time – Alabama Wild Man

There’s an abundance of conflicting information about grain free dog food. It’s time to clear some details. The Youtube video “The Rising and Fall of Grain-Free Pet Food” will explain how this nutritional trend began to gain traction and faded later. It will be interesting to see the other options available!

Owners of dog breeds want to offer their pet the highest quality nutrition they can, but it’s difficult to find accurate information. Foods for dogs that are grain-free were popular initially, however it has been discredited by many. Was it a lie? It was a marketing trick? Or is it truly beneficial for your pet?

Grain-free alternatives became the top choice for dog’s natural diet when they began to be readily available. Ryan Yamka is a companion animal nutritionist. He says grains can be substituted for other foods. The results are almost exact same. Millet is one of the most popular trends however Yamka asserts that it is more digestible than corn. Dog owners will likely buy a premium version of the same diet.

For further information on grain-free diets for dogs, click here. You can watch the remaining portion of the video.