The Major Differences Between Private and Public Schools – Family Issues

But, as is evident in the video it is clear that there are major distinctions in the manner these institutions work.
A major distinction between these two types of systems is their source of sources of funding. Public schools receive financing from the government, which provides about $12,000 to each student. Private schools receive funds through tuition costs paid by parents or students. The average tuition for private schools in the United States is approximately $9,000 for private elementary schools and $15,000 for private high and middle schools.
Another important aspect is the sheer size of both systems. There are over 50 million students in public schools. That’s approximately 10 times as many as those enrolled in private schools.
The majority of students pupils at private schools go on to college, compared to only about half who attend public schools. Both groups have a higher likelihood of succeeding when going to college. The graduates earn higher salaries than those with only a high school diploma.