Tells of Good Cannabis Vs. Bad Cannabis – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

This video offers easy-to-follow tips to help cannabis users identify the best quality cannabis.

The taste and the potency can be an excellent indicator of quality marijuana, there are also visual indications that help consumers quickly determine if the product is going to be excellent or not. Brickweed is a low-quality variety of cannabis. It’s a flimsy appearance and dry look. The buds of high-quality cannabis are usually green, with a few orange or purple hint.

Cannabis that is on the top shelf looks appealing with plenty of violet and orange stigmas. High-quality buds are also very aromatic. One of the best indicators of highest quality cannabis is the sugary trichomes found on the top of the plant. A more thick layer of sugary trichomes that cover the cannabis’s surface is a sign of an enticing product. Leafly has more information beyond the look of cannabis.