Multi Tenant Intercom System Case Study – InClue

The person you are with presses the button that grants access to your building. This button can be used to access multi-tenant intercom systems. For Safe and Sound Security, Zac Palmquist is the chief engineer.

One preferred multi tenant intercom system is Aiphone. Palmquist implemented the system in the brand-new building. It uses more than sound to track guests. Doorways that are a part of stairwells and that connect to garages may also be locked during certain times. Only you can gain entry with the right password to the keypad.

The card also allows opening garages. To open garage doors visitors need to insert the right card or keypad code. You can program doors to open or close when you set a time. CCTV cameras can also be put in to increase security.

The system is also installed in elevators for greater security. In the absence of the right code entered onto a keypad, elevators won’t function. The system is able to be utilized for security in any building. 32cke3kj1d.