How to Upgrade an Old Septic Tank – DIY Projects for Home

If someone is not sure of how they can fix their septic tank, it’s advisable that they get in touch with a professional.

The older septic tanks do not equipped with filters for effluent that prevent solids from escaping the tank , and then flowing out to the leach field. These are modern sewer tanks.

Clean out the tank that was used and turn off all water supply. The outlet pipe should be divided into two sections. Get rid of any biomass that is old from the outlet pipes.

Take the baffle out of the old tank for septic by drilling through the proper places. Clean all around. The baffle was taken out and the filter put in. Install a longer sewer pipe around it for the edge of the opening to extend outwards from the tank. Put concrete in the area around the sewer pipe, and then cover it with wire mesh to stabilize it, but do not close the gap over the filter. It should stick above the soil.

The outlet pipe should be changed. Place a lid over the filter in the effluent. 15uaeuiant.