How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work? – Life Cover Guide

The wet pipe is the most popular fire sprinkler system being used by the fire sprinkler contractors . The reason for this is that every sprinkler head is activated independently and, in the event of a false alarm, damages from water would be minimized.

A fire sprinkler is comprised of three elements: a plug and glass bulbs. The glass bulb expands whenever temperatures increase. The higher the temperature gets, the more it will expand until it breaks. After the glass has damaged, the liquid that was trapped in the sprinkler’s head is released and spreads over large areas.

Since every building, warehouse and office space is unique There are a variety of glass bulb for sprinkler systems. When temperatures reach 135°F, the orange as well as red bulbs are broken when they reach 155°F. blue, green, and yellow bulbs, along with purple and black, break. If you are unsure which kind of bulb is best for your company, businesses that offer fire sprinklers, or a fire sprinkler designer will be able to help you.