How Are Fire Alarms Activated? – Infomax Global

Property owners can make a intelligent choice by installing detectors that recognize smoke and warmth to safeguard their investments as well as the lives of other.

In the year 1890 by Francis Upton. They’re among the oldest techniques to identify fire in rooms. They have slow responses compared to smoke detectors. There are a variety of sensors for heat, each of which has a unique technique for sensing the heat. There are two kinds of heat detectors that you can find: fixed temperature and rate-of-rise.

Fixed Temperature: Fixed temperature sets the alarm only when the sensor element gets heated to a specified temperature. If a temperature detector features a temperature setpoint of 135°F or more, then the alarm will only be activated if the room temperature is at or exceeds the temperature. Rate of Rise detectors that are able to detect unusual temperatures can trigger alarms in accordance with the rate at which the temperature is climbing. Others that aren’t as common are temperature compensation sensors, linear heat detectors, and thermal detectors.

It is now clear how they work. Pick the one that meets your needs for safety!