Hispanic Cuisine 101 – Spokane Events

It is hard to imagine how vast the spread of foods from the Hispanic region around the world is as well as how the flavors of Mexico have affected the way we eat. Hispanic cuisine is a popular option for Americans and is known as one of the most delicious international foods. Hispanic food is focused on spicy flavours, beans, the cheese of course, as well as corn. In this clip, we will look at the background of the food of hispanic origin and how it has truly changed the food world.

Salvadorian food is known to focus on corn products and tends to be milder. El Salvador is not a fan of spicy food however they use many eggs as well as plantains for their dishes. In Cuba it’s common to come across a wide variety of seafood-based meals. Cuban food is not known for the chili peppers it contains, however they are fond of combining meat with vegetables. Additionally, Mexico has several regions that are known for their distinct flavors. Mexican dishes are full of heat and a diverse array of spices. Even though each cuisine is prepared in a different way, one thing’s certainty: Hispanic food is unforgettably amazing.