Enjoy a Rochester Favorite with a Garbage Plate

Garbage plate

A visit to the Rochester, New York area wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a restaurant that serves the garbage plate. The favorite Rochester area dish may sound as if it has been scooped up from the trash, but it is something that locals and visitors both love to eat.

The garbage plate is a mishmash culinary cuisine that features a disorganized mix of some of people’s all time favorite foods placed on one plate. A garbage plate Rochester NY cuisine features a choice of meat mixed with a favorite side dish, and a side of bread. All of which are served to you piping hot.

Visitors and locals who wish to eat a garbage plate are able to customize the meal to their liking. Customers are encouraged to pick their choice of meat ranging from chicken and steak, to a more exotic choice of fried fish or grilled cheese sandwiches. Most restaurants serve their garbage plate rochester ny cuisine with one meat choice, but some allow customers to pick up to two or even three meats for their meal.

After selecting the meat or meats you wish to have as the focal points of the dish, customers are then encouraged to choose what side dishes are mixed into their garbage plate. Side dish selections for garbage plates include mac and cheese, beans, home fries, fries, or fried potatoes.

Once the sides are selected everything is slopped onto one big plate and it is time to add the finishing touches to the Rochester garbage plate. The finishing touches include the mixture of the final condiments or sauces. People are able to choose from mustard, ketchup, or hot sauce. People who want to enjoy the original version of the Rochester NY garbage plate will want to add hot sauce to their plate, as the original version of this unique dish features the hot sauce.

After all of these food items are heaped together on one plate, it is time to enjoy this unique culinary cuisine. A piece of bread and butter might be offered to you with your meal. The buttered bread is offered in an effort to soak up some of the grease that appears on this dish. It is a completely optional.