Does Implicit Bias Training for Police Actually Work? – College Graduation Rates

We will examine whether bias education for police officers is able to help improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

Bias is defined as an assumption regarding a particular group. In the video, we discuss recent testing that showed it is more common for police to shoot at black targets at an appropriate distance than white targets. These findings are disturbing and are a good indicator that more training is necessary for improving the quality of police work.

Bias training does not aim to stop bias. It is one of the biggest misconceptions. Officers are taught when they might be bias, and how to acknowledge the bias. The hope is that the officers are competent to take action once they’ve recognized their bias.

The problem is that there’s no evidence at present available to confirm this program’s efficacy. The issue is that there has not been enough studies conducted to find out if the program works or the program is ineffective. This is a hot topic which deserves greater attention and funding. Go ahead and watch.