DIY Drain Cleaning Solution – Family Magazine

Rain falls in showers or sinks. This can be frustrating, but there are many options. But it’s not a requirement to call the plumber right away. This video shows the method of cleaning your drain for you to follow even when you don’t own Draino.

First thing you need to do is grab a screw driver along with some latex or rubber gloves. The drain’s interior can be dirty and you shouldn’t handle the material that’s causing the obstruction with hands that aren’t protected. Uncover the drain and clean out the debris using a hand-held vacuum.

It is possible to purchase a drain cleaning tool with sharp edges. The tool can grab the obstruction and then lift it up. Once you have cleaned out the worst of the debris it is possible to use baking soda and hot water to remove all the remainder.

Make a cup, then add baking soda into it. Mix it together and pour it into your drain. It is possible to clean tiny bits of dirt that are difficult to reach using the drain cleaning tool.

More details are available in the video.