Behind the Pricing for Persian Antique Rugs – House Killer

. A high-quality Persian carpet can run into the tens or thousands while antique rugs cost substantially more. Iran’s history and culture are evident in every Persian rugthat is recognized as a work of artwork.

There are various styles of Persian carpets, each having its own unique set of patterns and weave techniques. From the floral design of Isfahan and Qom’s finely detailed design and the sturdy and compact Bidjar carpets that are found in one Western Kurdish town. Gabbeh rugs are one of the most sought-after carpets and they are made in the southern part of Iran. They’re well-known for their stunning designs.

It is the Loom frame is created through the insertion of a Warp bed within it. But, every type of Persian rug has a different weaving technique. Weavers feed wool in between the warps before tying knots of weft in every one, starting at the bottom. A highly detailed antique rug may have up to 1000 knots for every square inch. Many antique rugs don’t contain a knot count, however they are appreciated for their overall style and the materials.