An Overview of the Pros and Cons of Groundwater Remediation Methods – Discovery Videos

Specialized teams will use several techniques to clean the mess. This video will explain the advantages and disadvantages of several options. Certain teams employ biological injections in order to encourage microbial growth. These methods are easy to use and do not require any regular maintenance. But, they only address certain types of contaminants and don’t offer as much benefit as other options. Contractors might employ air sparging to drain groundwater. This process involves injecting air is injected into ground in order to turn the contaminants into a gas and stimulate microbial growth. This method doesn’t require ground amendments or chemicals and can be done quickly however it needs the installation of injection wells and air lines. The pump and treat method is a method of removing contaminated water and cleaning it up with additives and filters. The system is robust enough to treat nearly any pollutant, but it demands costly equipment and regular maintenance. These contaminants have to be securely cleared away, in addition. The business can be conducted confidently if they’ve got this system put in place. jpfuyc3iod.