An Inside Look at Thredolets – Loyalty Driver

To ensure smooth flow between pipes, olets can be easily attached to connecting pipes. The general olet fittings allow for an outlet to an even larger pipe through an additional pipe. The attached video will walk you through the correct installation and use of threadolets.

The Weldolet is one of the most popular branch connection that are specifically designed to reduce stress contractions through strong reinforcement. Once installed correctly, it is welded to an outlet pipe. The ends of this olet are beveled to help make the welding process more efficient thus making it a butt-weld fitting.

While the Threadolet utilizes the Weldolet for its branch it is attached to the Threadolet is connected to the Weldolet by using an olet thread. The bore here matches with the outlet bore. the presence of threads implies that no welding is needed, since the thread makes installation easier. 6sh86jnyjz.