Air Duct Cleaning with Absurd Amount of Dust – Entertainment News Today

Vents control indoor temperatures whatever the weather is hot or cold. The effects of dust can cause the air vents to become less efficient in time. This can lead to risks of fire. The majority of people utilize air duct cleaning services to clear their air vents regularly. But, what does it look like if someone chose to ignore cleaning their air vents in 47 years? In this video, you’ll witness what the effects of 47 years of accumulated dust could do to an air vent.

In the clip in the video, a home that’s been sitting for a long time is due for a cleaning. The first step is opening the vent covers , which are filled with dark grey dust. It is recommended to clean the vents if you notice dusty particles coming out of vent covers. After that, scrub the vents with a brush , or using a sponge. Large chunks of debris had to be cleared from the vent due to blocking the vent. The large vacuum could be utilized to get rid of all remaining pieces.