6 Paths to Permanent Residency – United States Laws

Ben Analyst provides the ways to obtain legal permanent residency through obtaining an green card.

One A Green Card holder’s family members can apply for green cards. Families eligible for green cards include children, spouses and parents.

Two One: You may apply for a marriage-based green card. It is intended for marriages between non-citizens to citizens. The widows and divorcees from American citizens may be eligible to apply for green cards, so long as the marriages have been proven to be legal.

Three: Apply for an employment-based green card. This is for those working and living in America. Sometime, the spouse and children of those who have green cards and work in the United States can obtain their own green cards.

Four: You could get a green card for humanitarian reason, like seeking asylum or are a refugee.

Five people who are victims of human trafficking could apply for a green card in the event that they’re willing to aid you with your application.

Six: You may also get a green card by winning the diversity lottery. Every year, there are around 50,000 winners of the diversity lottery for green cards. rwjl5qqhih.