2 Week Airbnb Vacation? Here Are 18 Things to Take Care of at Home First – Summer Travel Tips

may have, like fire alarms for example. Replace the batteries, and inform your security provider or alarm system are not there. They will be able to respond in the event of an emergency even if you don’t appear.
14. Place a hold on Your Mail

Although this list previously mentioned that you must ask an individual to look over your mail for you however, it could be best to put the entire mail instead. Thieves are aware of a variety of clues they seek out, and newspapers and papers piling up outside are tell-tale signs that someone isn’t home.

It should be possible to have your mail placed on hold by calling USPS on the internet, and all other solutions should be similarly simple to reach out and make arrangements with. The odds are that you can accomplish the same feat with parcels. Therefore, do not order items to be delivered in the time you’re away.

15. Take care of your outdoor and indoor plants

It’s not easy to take down a garden you’ve adored and worked so hard for. This is why it’s important to make arrangements for your lawn and your plants, too.

You can hire gardening services to visit your yard as well as cut your grass. You can also perform other tasks, or ask a friend or family member to take care of your plants when you’re on your two week Airbnb vacation. Returning home to untended plants is a bit depressing.

16. Maintain your vehicle

It is essential to make sure that your caror other vehicle that you leave at the end of the road is safe and secure. In order to avoid being the subject of unwanted attention, it may be necessary to keep the car in your home for a period of. To keep the car in a good condition you can ask someone else to take it for a drive once per week.

17. Stop the flow of water to Your House

An unexpected plumbing leak, during your vacation, can be a nightmare that no would want to suffer. If you’re not likely to be in the area, turn off water to the area.