What Are Good Paying Jobs That Dont Require College Degrees?

Find out more about uire College. However, there is huge difference between being an architect landscaper and becoming an contractor landscaper.

You’ll require the required degree in order to become a landscape designer which will include the design and specification of projects. If you’re opting to be a landscaper (which isn’t required to have a degree) and you’ll then have to install the landscape designs that designers have been working on. A landscaper will concentrate on various outdoor projects, such as tree planting, installing the hardscape, and various other outdoor improvements that add beauty to customers’ landscaping.

This is physically demanding task, and you’ll need be able to work in every weather type. You can still make decent money with the correct techniques, including operating in the wealthiest cities to get more high price jobs and gaining specialized skills, such as the installation of water features, as well as landscaping elements.

It’s true that you don’t need any higher education in order to be a landscape contractor. You’ll need to receive some classes to be able to meet legal requirements for licensure, which may differ between states. Once you’ve completed your training after which you’ll be licensed, you might also be interested in acquiring an accreditation through a professional organization that is accredited. This allows you to differentiate yourself, so you will be able to move faster within your profession and also attract larger numbers of clients.


To become a jeweler, you do not require an undergraduate degree. If you are a professional jeweler your work will consist of make, design, and repair various types of jewelry such as jewels made of diamonds, necklaces and earrings bracelets and similar wearable accessories. There is a greater chance of earning higher pay if you become a master craftsman of exclusive jewelry pieces. It is necessary to complete high school to become jewelry maker. Then, you can search for the right courses for your needs.