The Most Common Forklift Repairs – Boston Equator

You can load up to one thousand pounds every single day. In order to keep your forklifts running in top condition, it is important that you anticipate using the forklift service regularly. In the video below, you will see what parts are required most often that will ensure the performance of a forklift.

Similar to a car, or truck, forklifts need periodic maintenance to ensure your operator safe as well as maintain constant production. It’s not an issue of the time when and what parts need to be replaced.

Two times a year, which is about every 4000 hours of working, the parts made of rubber and the power steering hoses have to be replaced. Rubber parts are in the reservoir tank as well as the wheel cylinder, master cylinder and the hydraulic pipe. Failure to repair these parts could lead to an operational problem.

The lift chain needs to be maintained regularly. An annual inspection of the lifting chain is necessary to check for signs of wear or elongation. At the end of six thousand hours or 3 years, the chain should be replaced.

Regular maintenance is important in order to extend the service life and longevity of your forklift. Forklift mechanics who have received training will be able to recognize early signs of deterioration and can avoid costly repair expenses later.

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