The Basics of ATS Diesel Transmissions – Custom Wheels Direct

The clutch surface provides a greater distribution of force. The gear set is composed out of stainless steel which makes it much more durable to breaks. Large pumps permit ease of pressure transfer from hydraulics on to the clutch packing. Additionally, they increase the lubrication via the twerk convert.

The electronic device is responsible for the overall system. The electronic device is connected to the transmission, and then connects to the valve body. It is responsible for controlling the pressure in the hydraulic system. This ensures some correlation between the vehicle’s engine’s movement as well as the system for transmission. It is when the engine accelerates that it will be more efficient. This system of electronic technology creates an interaction between the transmission system which provides the vehicle greater force.

The twerk converter is an vital component that should be well taken care of. The engines are equipped with a twerk converter constructed of steel that bolts attached to the engine. It features twelve bolts rather than the standard six and contains five clutches. It connects to two additional parts which then connect on to the engine. This shields the transmission from heat generated by the engine.

The transmissions are able to be utilized on trucks with high horsepower and provide a minimum five-year warranty.