How to Add Character to Your New Builder-Grade Home –

Pick a great image or poster to display on your living or foyer room. The artwork you choose is one that reflects your character to guests immediately.
14. Plants are placed in unusual Areas

The plants not only provide your home a distinct look as well, but they purify the air , and add a freshness to the living area. Potted trees as well as large planters are wonderful, you might want to consider the idea of placing smaller pots of succulents, ferns, or Cactus plants that you have on your bar cart hanging on open shelves in the kitchen or by your bathroom’s sink.

15. It is possible to personalize the storage spaces you have

You might not get the right storage solution for your needs when you buy a home from an architect. It is worth considering adding your own storage solutions if you find this to be the case. This will require storage place. This will make work much more easy if take the proper steps. You can make the most of tiny spaces by planning your shelving and cabinet.

16. Make an Outdoor fun feature

The addition of an outdoor element is a great option to add character to your brand new construction home. One great outdoor option that draws the guests out is a fireplace that is gas. Additionally, you can add a barbecue area, alfresco eating table, porch swing or hammock. Local electricians can assist you with the installation of outdoor lighting. When you’re redesigning your outdoor space add shade to bright days and prioritize privacy.

17. Showcase Your Collections

Each member of the family will have their own interests and skills. Certain members be so zealous as collecting incredible collections to honour the interests of their family members. These collections can take guests to a unique journey across diverse cultures, time periods, areas, and cultures. They also give information about the individuals who have the collections. So, having personal collections on display can be a great way to show off your personal collections.