3 Interesting facts about Rochester Garbage Plate

Garbage plate

If you are visiting Rochester for the first time, one thing that you should never forget is to try the famous Rochester NY Garbage Plate. Although there are many things Rochester is known for, Rochester Garbage Plate is the one thing that everyone enjoys. In fact, every resident in the city knows what it is and loves it. Just to keep you interested until you have the chance to try the garbage plate from the Nick Tahou Hots or from any of the restaurants that have their own Garbage Plates variations, here are some interesting facts about the Garbage Plate.

The garbage plate Rochester NY was actually created by Alexander Tahou. His restaurant was then called Hots and Potatoes. One of the dishes is a plate of potatoes and meat and everything else that the cook could find in the kitchen. Then when his son Nick took over the restaurant he changed the name of this item in the menu to Garbage Plate. The name came from the time when one of the college students asked Nick to give him that dish with all the garbage on it. From the original dish of meat and potato, Nick then created the now famous Garbage Plates by adding beans, macaroni, fries with ketchup and hot sauce. He also added the bread on the side. This was how Garbage Plate Rochester was born.

Garbage plates became famous since then. First it became a hit among college students who went to the place from night to early morning. Many of these college students would order their Garbage Plates after a night of party. Over the years Garbage Plate became more and more famous among students that today the Sigma Phi Epsilon of the University of Rochester has their yearly Nick Tahous Run. In this annual run, teams of college men run from the University to Nick Tahou. Once there, another member of their team eats their Garbage Plates. Once they have finished their Garbage Plates another member of their teams will run back to the school to finish the race. In some cases, only one man completes the entire race, from running from the school, to eating the Garbage Plate, to running back to the finish line. These men are called Iron Men.

The best thing about the Garbage plates is that there are now so many variations of it. In fact, many restaurants have their own Garbage Plates. You can even order Garbage Plates from fine dining restaurants. Basically with so many variations, you get the basic meat, fries and macaroni as the basic ingredients. Depending on where you eat, the additional garbage may be anything from hotdogs to salami and other ingredients. In some restaurants you can even create your own Garbage Plate. What is common however is that wherever you get your Garbage Plate and whatever you decide to put in it, you will surely love it as much as the residents of Rochester.